Thule Internal Rooftop Box Light: A Smart Solution for Packing in the Dark

Thule Internal Rooftop Box Light: A Smart Solution for Packing in the Dark

If you have been planning on purchasing a rooftop box for your travel bags, outdoor equipment and sports gear, and you are positive that you have everything covered for your upcoming road trip, maybe it’s time to think again.

Have you considered that at some point you might end up in a situation where you would need to access the storage box at night-time?

And what about those cloudy days when packing can be difficult due to low lighting conditions? It could be useful to learn about the easiest way to make sure you can find the much-needed items in the dark without too much hassle.

You might want to consider replacing the traditional flashlight, which can be challenging to use and even a bit awkward at times, with a light strategically installed on the inside of the storage box. With this simple tweak, you will be able to manipulate the rooftop box at night as quickly and comfortably as you would during the day.

The internal rooftop box light helps you find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds, without requiring additional lighting tools, which allows you to use both of your hands in managing the storage box and the luggage.

Given the fact that these box lights are not too expensive and that they can be easily installed, they represent a smart purchase, which will make it convenient for you to stop at any time and access the rooftop box carrier to something from it quickly. No more frustrating moments fumbling in the dark, wasting precious time, hoping to reach and grab what you were looking for.

Created with Your Convenience in Mind

If you have travelled at night before, you probably know it is not very convenient to stop on the side of the road and try to search for something in your roof box without a proper lighting tool, but if you choose to install a rooftop box light, finding your belongings in the dark will be a breeze.

The inside light set designed by Thule resembles the manufacturer’s rooftop carriers in many ways. These internal rooftop box lights are low-cost and easy to install and get ready for the road. Another benefit is that the same box light set is suitable for all Thule rooftop carrier models that were manufactured since 2009, so it will not be a problem if you own an older edition. The Thule Internal Roof Box Light comes with an automatic on/off switch and includes 2 x AA batteries.

The Thule box light set comes with a customized reflector and a special LED light that can be installed on the hinge of the Thule roof box, thus enabling easier loading, and unloading in limited lighting conditions. The lighting system turns off automatically when the roof box is fully closed.

This feature has been added to enhance efficiency and extend the lifetime of the device. You can rest assured that you will benefit from this convenience for a couple of years. The light only weighs five ounces and has small dimensions but is powerful enough to facilitate a clear view inside the rooftop carrier during night-time. You will also notice the benefits of having this box light set installed on cloudy days.

Packing will go smoothly even on dark and overcast days, because this light enhances visibility in all sorts of conditions, and it remains on for however long you might need it to, provided that the box is fully open.

Is One Box Light Enough?

It is natural to wonder if only one Thule box light will provide enough visibility. For most rooftop carrier owners, only one of these lights will suffice.

If you are one of the proud owners of an extra-large Thule rooftop carrier, you may wish to upgrade the lighting system. You can easily do that by adding another box light to your carrier.

Rooftop carrier owners that decide to install two of these lights usually find that the best solution is to place a light on each end of the carrier, especially for the extra-large carriers manufactured by Thule. The decision is completely subjective, as preferences and needs vary greatly amongst customers. If you feel that you need more light when opening the roof box at night, just install one more box light and you are good to go.

Just as other products from this highly regarded company, such as the well-known soft-shelled and hard-shelled rooftop cargo carriers, these high-quality lights are so well-made that the manufacturer offers a two-year warranty with the product.

The best part is that you can install the Thule box light kit on all their products, as well as on carriers made by other manufacturers. When it comes to carriers and light kits to accompany them, you probably won’t find a sturdier and a more reasonably priced product.

The Takeaway

Besides helping you manage the luggage carried in a roof box when at night-time and on overcast days, these box lights have an additional feature that can come in handy when you need it most. While it is unattached to the carrier, this product can also be used as a standalone flashlight.

All you have to do is to detach it from the roof box and take it with you and you would do with a traditional flashlight. And if you have more than one of these lights installed, you can use one as a flashlight, while the other one remains in place, should anyone else need to access the roof box.

If you already experienced how convenient rooftop carriers can be while travelling, the Thule light set comes to improve the experience, by providing quicker and more comfortable access to your roof box in special conditions.

Specifically designed to fit in all modern Thule roof boxes, as well as other storage boxes available on the market, this smart lighting solution benefits from an optimised positioning for best visibility inside the rooftop carrier.


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