The Best Ski & Snowboard Roof Racks - You need to know the following things

The Best Ski & Snowboard Roof Racks - You need to know the following things

Nobody claims that skis are not well organized. They are long, voluminous, and literally can't fit in tiny spaces. Therefore, wherever you live and go to the resorts for a short time or moving around the country, a ski rack can provide a convenient space in the vehicle.

Many compact cars are just not spacious enough to accommodate skis unless you bring them out of the windshield, which workaround is not advised. The only way out to this issue is always to install a car rack. Let us look at our top and best roof racks for Ski & Snowboard 2020 and our purchasing guide to select the right device for you.

When selecting a ski roof rack, there are many primary considerations to be looked at, but thankfully, they are effortless to grasp. Remember this when selecting roof racks for skis and snowboards.

How many skis do you need?

Ski racks for vehicles provide a multitude of cargo features. You will find a roof rack of your preferences from one to four skis or much more.

If you intend to travel with your partner or relatives, take into account their wishes. Do not overlook that a snow day might be the day your friends want to race.

Can I Carry a Snowboard?

Choose a rack that can handle a combination of skis and snowboards, whether you have friends or family who plan to snowboard rather than skiing.

You can also find snowboards on more giant ski racks, but you need to double-check before you make a choice.


It would help if you indeed had your ski rack to be secured.

While this won't deter the most ambitious thieves from taking what belongs to you, it means that you can stop at your food store on your way home without thinking about anyone taking your brand new $1000 skis.


If you are a multi-sport citizen who loves skiing, kayaking, and paddling, how many racks do you need?

You will purchase several racks. The TMS J-Bar rack is one option, though not an optimal ski rack; it will work perfectly. However, it helps you move your kayak, SUP, or board and saves money and time with just one pack.

Adding the Ski Rack to the Rails of your Vehicle

You should double monitor the clips' size and form attached to the rails of your car to connect the ski rack to the tracks. In their functionality, ski racks are typically very consistent. These racks are designed for any rail.

They usually have long screws that permit a wide variety of modifications. You should still bring them to the hardware store and inquire for more extended models of the same screws if they aren't long enough. Measure the length and width of your car's rails before you make an order. Compare this with the manufacturer's requirements to make sure they work out of the box.

Cargo Boxes vs. Ski & Snowboard Racks

Ski and snowboard racks are designed to carry skis and snowboards easily and rapidly. Cargo boxes are built to take nearly anything that fits in. Perhaps purchasing one will be worth your money if you want to get a cargo box to camp, float, sail, or travel.

As long as the freight box is long enough for the snowboard and skis, you can save money and spend it on summers and winters. Cargo carriers are much more voluminous, bulky, and have a more significant effect on the car's fuel economy. If you want to mount the skis and snowboards on your roof, it's simpler and safer to stick with the professional snowboard and ski carrier.

Thule Pull Top Ski and Snowboard Carrier


Ski and Snowboard Carrier Thule Pull Top has systems for binding on both rocks. This means protection since they mount the skis and racks to the car using a specialized Torx bit with an internal protection opening because it's impossible for people to loosen the rack and steal it.

The oblong push buttons to unlock are a wonderful touch, but you can do this with gloves. These carriers operate well for years, and they can take up to four sets of skis or two snowboards out at a time–or mixed. For roof racks, Thule is the norm and p


  • Simple to open and close while wearing gloves
  • Supports up to 4 sets of skis or 2 snowboards


  • The downside is the slight annoyance that accompanies a drop in gas mileage, but that will be a problem with any ski rack.

Yakima FatCat Locking Ski and Snowboard Rack


Ski racks might not be straightforward on highways, but the Fatcat roof rack effectively solves Yakima's dilemma. Many of these carriers have a lockable button that uses the SKS locking mechanism. So you have a key that locks all four carriers. They have extra-large push-buttons for convenient access while wearing gloves.

The Fatcat Yakima can handle the more commonly used "fat" skis. Ultimately, they can carry standard 4 or 6 pairs of skis along. This could be the best ski rack, especially given its general ease of access and comfort. It doesn't have an adverse effect until you detect one.

  • Accommodates fat skis and boards
  • Carries 4 snowboards or 6 pairs of skis
  • Cons

    • None

    Thule SnowPack Roof Mounted Ski and Snowboard Carrier


    There's a risk they won't match typical carriers in a vast and cumbersome range of skis or snowboards. The straps also have trouble with space on the top of the vehicle. The skis and boards are also so big that the carrier doesn't cover and secure them. The Thule SnowPack rack addresses these problems with an internal spring mechanism that adapts to every ski and board thickness.

    The adjustable high feet enable roof clearance modifications, so there would be no problem with your vehicle. You will also secure the roof of your car from cracks and dents thanks to the adjustable height. The SnowPack also has over-the-counter push buttons that enable you to unlock your handles with gloves on.


    • Carries 6 pair of skis or 4 snowboard
    • Comes with a tool-free mounting


    • None

    Inno Racks Gravity Snow Rack


    Smaller suppliers also sell modern skier, fascinating designs. The Inno Racks Gravity Snow Rack is one choice for roof-mounted skis that can be used at an affordable cost. Fat skis became popular because ski racks hold more and wide skis and bindings.

    The Inno rack has a slim and sleek profile, which minimizes gas miles–perfect for long journeys. It also functions with most factory mounted racks, an integrated security mechanism, and a standardized mounting system that easily secures nearly every square round intersection. 

    This ski rack and snowboard rack is up to date on features, even though it's not made of top quality. It comes with an integrated lock that protects your costly machinery safe from people with theft intentions. The costs, easy tool-free installation, and storage are the three key reasons for choosing this rack.

    The Inno Gravity rack can match virtually any rack on the roof. As it comes with a significant push-to-release function, you can use your gloves and still be capable of opening and closing them quickly. A corporation designs the rack with a legacy stretching back to 1966. It is an affordable choice for some of the high-quality designs. But it's still smaller, and this might make it a safer option if you don't have that much storage capacity. 

    You can carry 6 skis or 4 snowboards with its rubberized arms, gentle yet firm enough to hold the skis in position, much like the Thule racks. There is nothing wrong, but Inno has priced some frames a little cheaper than rivals, so you can save a few bucks as brands compete.


    • Affordable
    • Holds up to 6 skis or 4 snowboards
    • Tool-free installation
    • Has a soft rubber padding
    • Has two lock keys
    • Compatible with most crossbars


    • Increases wind noise

    TMS J-Bar Ski and Snowboard Rack


    We'll look at a bit of a distinct alternative, starting from specialized ski roof racks. Although this rack consumes lots of time to attach your skis and boards firmly, it enables flexibility, unlike most racks. The skis it carries dramatically relies on the size of the skis and the frames.

    It might be a smart idea if you're a multi-sport player and don't want to adjust the roof rack every time you go to a different destination. You can accommodate skis, snowboards, kayaks, and even canoes and surfboards on your vehicle with only one rack. Now, how does that sound cool, right?

    You really can fit almost all sporting equipment on these J-shaped racks by using screw straps or broad knot bonding order, and if you join them correctly, it will do the trick. The major drawback is that you can't rip them off as you drive in on particular low-profile garage doors. Perhaps the best snowboard roof rack is the TMS J-Bar.


    • Multi-sport use rack


    • None

    Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box


    One of the pioneers in this field is Yakima's Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box. Accessible in various sizes (between 12 - 21 cubic feet), this package is approved for securing skis or the other sports equipment's flexibility.

    It is also available in various measurements. As the name implies, the Skybox is installed on the roof. The best thing is that it can even be fixed on most vehicles. You can install it conveniently on crossbars square or round. 

    Besides fitness, one of the most significant benefits is this ski and snowboard package's aerodynamic nature. Naturally, it would be a wind-resistance challenge at more incredible speeds. At lower speed, it appears to be a sturdy build when driving through the city. It is also essential for specific skiers to have the capability to lock. It is enticing. It is also marginally longer lasting than several other, cheaper alternatives in its range. The minor structural features, such as the inner straps of the deck, can be seen.


    • Carries 4 boards and 185cm of skis
    • Easy installation on most cars
    • Manufactured from recycled materials
    • Top-notch security
    • Locks car using SuperLatch
    • Tool-free installation


    •  Not made from carbon fiber

    Rage Powersports Apex SKI-4


    This ski rack is not made from metal instead of using durable plastic. Plastic might be a smart option if you often drive through areas that use road salt. It can hold a few pairs of skis without scratching them. With the rubberized arms, it does the job as well as any other type of rack.

    But you should not expect to use this rack for the rest of your life, as it comes with a limited 1-year warranty. This is why it is a recommended solution as a first purchase, but not a long-term solution. While it may be cheaper than other options, it works the same and installs the same way.


  • Carries up to 2 snowboards
  • Affordable and great for beginners
  • Has rubber-coated arms for scratch protection of the skis
  • Easy installation on crossbars
  • Has 2 keys for locking
  • Lightweight
  • Cons

    • Limited warranty period

    Yakima HitchSki


    Yakima HitchSki is a decent choice for people who are active at all times. It is perfect for people with SUVs.ou can also transform it into transporting cycles if you ride during the summer season and turn it back to a ski and snowboard carrier amid winter. As its name implies, the carrier is fixed, so it's nice for shorter skiers or those who don't want to stack their gear over their vehicles.

    It has its drawbacks, of course. It should be noticed that the connection to the back of the car is obstructed. However, the rack does have the unique characteristics that could render it the perfect pick. It is made of soft rubber arms, which prevents the skis from scratches.

    They can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards and the giant racks on the top. The rack is also handy for fast loading and unloading, but you ought to note that your skis are also nearer to the ground as you travel, which means that your gear will get dirty. It is undoubtedly an option to explore for short trips. This rack is especially useful when you already have a hitch recipient on your vehicle.


    • Carrier of all seasons
    • carries 6 pairs of skis or 4 boards 
    • The SKS locking mechanism guarantees protection
    • Can be installed on 1.25" and 2" hitch receivers
    • Flexible upper arms
    • Has rubber-coated arms for scratch protection of the skis


    • HitchRack for the bikes is excluded

    Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 Ski and Snowboard Carrier


    The RocketBox Pro 14 from Yakima is one of the fascinating choices if you need a lightweight rooftop rack carrier. It will be a perfect way for children to learn how to ski and fulfill their needs using skis and snowboards up to 170 cm. The box needs no complex assembly and can even be used with various external gear.

    It is also remarkable for its flexibility. You can unlock the RocketBox in both directions. It is one of the most helpful choices, even though you have to leave your car in confined areas. The fit is also promoting this flexibility. The round, square, or factory bars may be mounted, so it fits most vehicles.

    The reality that it is entirely multifaceted and can be used well after the ski season is among the most significant things I can recall about the RocketBox Pro 14. You would be delighted to note that you do not need any additional racks for your summer vacation for this cause. It can be transformed from a ski rack into a camping gear carrier with 14 cubic feet.


    • Flexible for all seasons
    • Has space capacity of about 14 cubic feet 
    • Carries skis and boards of 170 cm long
    • The SKS locking mechanism guarantees protection
    • Deck unlocks on both directions
    • Comes with a push button designed for security


    • Increases wind noise, especially for small cars

    Summing Up

    Most ski roof racks perform according to the same concept–a model inspired by lobster claws that firmly locks and sandwiches the gears horizontally. There are plenty of one or two skis sets with specific skiers, but most of the roof carriers we have tested will hold up to six sets of skis and four snowboards–a lot for a car full of people.

    You need to pick a small, streamlined roof rack if you're trying to mitigate your gas mileage's total effect. You may consider the J-shaped multi-use roof rack to contain equipment for several sports. No matter what you agree on, ensure the equipment can be secured safely so that no one goes off with your gear from the parking lot. This guide was, ideally, useful in selecting the right roof rack for your ski and snowboarding.

    Other Questions

    How can I add or uninstall my roof carrier with unique screws?

    While most roof racks should secure your skis and snowboards, your screws must also be safe. You have the option of locking them on your rails, or else someone might steal the entire thing and walk away, right? No, it doesn't usually work like that.

    The screws are generally referred to as manipulating screws, and they are often internal tamper-resistant Torx screws. There's a robust clamping bracket in it when you get your rooftop rack so you can lock or unlock the rack to your roof rails. You can buy sufficient facts of collections from virtually every hardware store. The real question is ... are they safe? Not really.

    Is it possible for my skis or snowboards to drop out of the rack? 

    Frankly, no. This is nearly null if you don't mess up anything. You can verify that the rack is safely mounted before you go on your ride. Attempt to pull the top bar in and out to ensure it's closed. Close the rack then.

    You should use a lanyard attached from skis or snowboard to rail if you are very cautious. The lanyards would stop them from dropping on the lane if they were to fail sometime. Using a thread locker like Loctite, if you're concerned about the screws on the free rail, secure them. This stops the screws from vibrating unintentionally.

    Can I still use a ski rack if I don't have roof rails?

    Most vehicles don't have a roof rails-a framework for front-to-back assembly of roof frames, saddles, and crates for cargoes.

    Many original equipment options are available to connect to your car roof rails and bars. Many customer-specific stores can mount permanent roof rails on your vehicle, but you can still put roof type clip racks if you don't like the thought of a hole in your car.

    Would a car ski rack impact my gas mileage?

    Regrettably, yes, it will. Therefore, when not in service, the ski roof rack should be disabled because it will cause losing gas in the long run. The downside is that any extra components on the exterior of the vehicle would impact the petrol mileage.

    Can I reach my skis?

    Purchasing a ski roof rack on a taller ride like an SUV or a truck may mean that certain people with height difficulties cannot access their skis! Ensure the car and expertise are matched well with the roof rack.


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