Roof Cargo Basket Buying Guide – Which one is better?

Roof Cargo Basket Buying Guide – Which one is better?

Road trips are a lot of fun, but travelling with friends and family also means having to haul quite a lot of baggage, and if your car trunk is not big enough for all the gear and bags that you’d like to carry, packing and loading the luggage can easily become a hassle.

Since comfort is paramount when it comes to spending quality time with your loved ones, not having enough room to carry everyone’s baggage might call for a reliable additional storage solution.

Buying a roof cargo basket is going to make your trips more enjoyable. If you buy a good quality rooftop cargo basket and mount it on top of your car, you can safely carry all your gear and baggage, thus leaving enough space in the vehicle itself for the passengers, so that they do not end up travelling with luggage on their lap.

When it comes to roof cargo baskets, the options available on the market are plenty, and you can purchase one that best suits your requirements. And since the large number of products to choose from can be overwhelming, we selected some of the most popular roof cargo basket models that have positive customer reviews, so that you can make a decision based on a thorough evaluation of their advantages and specifications.

Best Roof Cargo Basket Reviews

Thule Canyon XT Cargo Basket

At the top of the premium options list, next to Yakima, the Thule Canyon XT Cargo Basket sits comfortably, showcasing a low-profile design with a wedge shape, tapered sidewalls, custom wind fairing, and many other features that justify the high price tag.

It comes with versatile mounting hardware, including a T-track that is compatible with Thule AeroBlade and Thule Xsporter bars. Another great feature of this cargo basket consists of the option to purchase additional accessory bars if you need more storage space and stability.

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B902B Heavy Duty Roof Mounted Cargo Rack

It is a heavy-duty roof-mounted cargo rack, with a rugged 1” steel frame, covered with a rust-resistant coating.

With dimensions of L: 47.25" W: 36.6" H: 5.9" and a maximum capacity of 150 lbs, this model from Tyger Auto weighs 30 lbs and has a stylish and practical structure.

Due to the simple two-piece assembly, this roof cargo basket can be mounted quickly and effortlessly, provided that your vehicle has roof rails and crossbars. Another feature appreciated by many of the customers that purchased this model consists of several tie-down points that allow you to secure bigger pieces of cargo.

Given its150 lbs storage capacity and the fact that it fits with many vehicle styles, the Tyger Auto TG-RK1B902B is one of the best roof cargo baskets available on the market.

MaxxHaul 70115 Steel Roof Rack 150 LB Capacity

This roof cargo basket offers a maximum capacity of 150 lbs but has a smaller size and weighs less than the Tyger Auto TG-RK1B902B.

With dimensions of L: 46" W: 36" H: 4.5" and weighing only 25 pounds, it is one of the lightest rugged models on the market.  

The MaxxHaul 70115 Steel Roof Rack ensures an overall smooth experience and comes with rubber caps for the U-bolts to protect the luggage from getting torn. The mounting process is straightforward, and the cargo basket comes equipped with all the necessary assembly and mounting hardware.

The price is another positive aspect of this model since it only requires a small budget compared to other roof cargo baskets with similar features.

Apex RB-1512 Black Stingwray Low-Profile Cargo Storage Basket

The Apex RB-1512 Black Stingwray can accommodate up to 150 lbs of cargo, just like the two models described above, but it comes with a different design and specifications.

With dimensions of L: 52.5" W: 43.5" H: 5.3" and considerably heavier, at 33 lbs, it is wider than other products and thus it allows you to carry larger items on top of your car.

Since it has a 3-inch space between each of the rungs and a large mesh cargo area, you should make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle. Be sure to measure your vehicle’s crossbars before buying this product, as it only fits crossbars up to 1.75” square, 1.75” diameter, 4.75”x1.125” rectangle and a minimum of 3.87”x0.625” oblong.

You should also make sure that there is at least a 27.5 distance between the cross bars since this is recommended for optimum cargo support.

Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket

This Yakima rooftop cargo basket offers a smaller storage capacity, of only 140 lbs, but it compensates for it with a universal attachment system, that makes it compatible with virtually any type of crossbars, and a custom wind fairing that reduces noise levels.

With dimensions of L: 44" W: 39" H: 6.5" and a weight of only 25 lbs, the Yakima Load Warrior Rooftop Cargo Basket also features weather-resistant qualities, an aspect that certainly recommends this model as one of the best roof cargo basket options available.

The price tag, however, reflects these qualities, so this might not be the most budget-friendly alternative.  

Curt 18115 Black 41-1/2” x 37” x 4” Roof Cargo Rack Carrier

This model offers nearly 11 square feet of usable cargo space and maximum capacity that is only limited by the vehicle’s specifications since it is compatible with an extension piece that you can purchase separately.

With dimensions of L: 41.5" W: 37" H: 4" and a weight of 29.11 lbs, this roof cargo rack is lightweight but rugged. The Curt 18115 Roof Cargo Rack Carrier is compatible with most roof rails and the mounting process could not be easier, since it comes with a two-piece assembly that ensures quick installation.

It is ideal for car owners that need a flexible, lightweight, yet durable storage solution.

The Takeaway

As you may have already noticed by exploring this buying guide, deciding which roof cargo basket fits your needs involves either inclining towards a more cost-effective alternative or choosing high-end features that require a larger budget.

No matter what you decide, purchasing one of the best roof cargo baskets available on the market will turn out to be advantageous in more ways than you can count. Road trips and camping trips are always more enjoyable when you can rely on a roof cargo basket to safely and comfortably carry all the items that you need.


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