Will A Roof Box Invalidate Your Insurance? What to Look For and Why.

Will A Roof Box Invalidate Your Insurance? What to Look For and Why.

Amid the summer months, if you have chosen to have fun on the open road and go snowboarding or explore the mountains, you should be able to handle all the additional equipment and suitcases that you would need for your ride.

If you are traveling with many people, you should install a rooftop carrier and carry your gear on top of your car to make it more spacious for your passengers. But it's a smart idea to understand how this would affect your auto insurance policy and the cost before you mount or even buy the rooftop carrier.

What Insurance Companies Expect?

In the insurance provider's case, any form of alteration to your car requires a hitch or rooftop carrier. In other words, the insurance provider should be alerted if you make some changes to your vehicle.

The insurance provider may likely reject your application if you do not tell them, and anyone is injured in some way by this alteration.

Worse still, they might also completely void the insurance policies that nobody needs. Any other modifications to your roof rack may affect your eligibility for auto insurance coverage or may change the type of coverage required. 

A vehicle alteration is called an utter modification. While your insurers may cover certain forms of changes, they may not include other improvements, or because of the elevated risk involved with such revisions, they will need to add exceptional security to your policy.

It is always best to tell the insurance provider your plans before you ever buy the company, and many insurance providers are not accepting many styles of rooftop carriers. In the worst-case situation, they may claim that this form of change is not protected by the additional insurance, meaning that they can help you find someone who offers that. You will have lost a great deal of money if you buy this carrier from the insurance experts without checking first. 

Another value of notifying the insurance agency before making a transaction is that although they do not ensure the carrier brand, they can cover a specific carrier brand. It would help to get a roof rack guarantee after talking to them, to save you many hassles to stress. Remember that you must tell the insurance provider of any improvements you are planning, however minor.

Your Present Insurance Contract Invalidation

If you do your part to contact the insurance provider before installing the roof box and the insurance firm agrees, it should not cause you trouble to assert anything if something could go wrong in the future. In this sense, the insurance policy will be invalidated by attaching a roof box; thus, the reaction might be "so perhaps."

But to make the change legitimate, the insurance provider must still supply you with a new statement page indicating the changes you made were a positive one. 

Essentially, any alteration to a car that ensures that it functions differently or looks different from before it comes off, the assembly line is treated by the insurance provider as an alteration. They require the inclusion of roofing or hitch carriers and improvements along with alloy wheels, leather upholstery, or even a GPS navigation system. 

Call the insurance provider; nevertheless, if you are uncertain. They will advise you what is and is not regarded as an improvement to know what to do next. It would help if you also were informed that all upgrades must be announced independent of those who invented them. 

In other words, it always constitutes a technological improvement that must be disclosed to the insurance provider, whether you mount the roof rack yourself or a licensed company does it for you. Sports seats should no longer be mounted or the engine adjusted, and the insurance provider is not informed of it. Even so, no allowances should be created; they must be told everything.

Breaking The Rules Is Costly.

Naturally, rules are there for a particular cause. Unless something wrong appears afterward and is explicitly linked to the advanced adjustments, the insurance provider will reject the policy if it did not know previously.

You have fulfilled your exposure with the insurer until you have announced the insurance provider's adjustment, and it is written.

This ensures you will be protected whether anyone is hurt or damaged in some manner because of this provision. It is merely a way to protect yourself or let the auto insurers know what improvements you have made or your auto. 

If you have made some modifications to your car, it just saves you by notifying the insurance provider, and it will give you greater peace of mind. The insurance firm can also reject the petition, but once all the amendments have been properly arranged, they may not have a valid moral high wall to lean on unless it goes to trial.

Will The Changes Increase Your Insurance Premiums?

The next rational question about these changes is typical whether these changes would lead to higher insurance rates? Some do this and others do not; it depends on the modifications themselves.

Generally speaking, your insurance premiums would usually decline if your move makes your vehicle better or less desirable for muggers.

Otherwise, dividends may grow, given that the changes differentiate the car or make it possible for fraud to reach the vehicle.

In the case of esthetic changes, like a roof box or even a roof rack, you will even influence your insurance coverage somehow. Though your premium does not rise by over 5 percent in most situations, each insurance provider is unique. The insurance provider still has to be tested to let them know when the premium boost will be and what any misconceptions will prevent afterward.

Another thing worth mentioning is, specific improvements are more costly to cover if a lawsuit is made. Of course, the price would be charged to you if the insurance provider has to spend an extra to retain the car runner-up. The rise or decline also varies on how the insurance provider wishes to cover the car. In some instances, insurers are required to pursue an extra insurance scheme to accommodate the changes. Just the insurance provider will offer you a fair estimation of how far the policy is projected to go high or low.

The Bottom Line

  • Weighing the benefits and the disadvantages is worth it. If the insurance protects you, they will raise the cost to more than you can afford, even way above the vehicle's value.

  • Whenever you change your automobile, the easiest thing is to talk to an agent.

  • Study the terms and conditions of the new framework to grasp better what it contains.

  • Get written facts. You should have a detailed list of the policies by email and letter to ensure you have all the changes protected.

  • Be truthful. Don't conceal your car modification plans. You'll miss the price of the improvements in a crash if the car's not covered to the right level. If you don't report your vehicle modifications, your insurer will still be free to revoke or refuse your policies.

Summing Up

Your insurance provider or broker will specifically answer any questions about changes, such as rooftop companies and other complaints about the plans' expense. The more substantial and costly the improvements, the higher your insurance rates would be.

The positive news is that you can save on your changing auto insurance by browsing around and reviewing your choices, including better insurers and promotions.

Currently, it is never a bad thing to do market testing occasionally, even though you prefer the insurance provider. This will save you cash, and the improvements you have made would leave you feeling much happier.

Other Questions

Does a roof box affect insurance?

You are going to need to check with your own insurance to see if you are covered! Any technical details in the small print could leave your car uninsured.

However, normally a roof box will not give you any problems. (But remember to check that insurance!)


What happens if my insurance is void?

If your car insurance is voided, it is like it never existed in the first place. So you are driving with no insurance. If you have a roof box on your car, and your insurance does not cover it, you can expect a large bill.

So please check the insurance policy, it will only take you 5 minutes, and then you can drive for the year!


Does a roof rack count as a modification?

Yes, a roof rack can count as a modification in some cases. It will be easier to let your insurance company know if you have one.


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