Roof Box For Dodge Durango

Roof bars open thousands of possibilities for carrying your cargo. Bikes, skis, kayaks - you name it! But picking the right one for your car can sometimes be tricky.

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A Buyer's Guide: Should You Rent or Buy Roof Boxes?

The roof carriers are increasingly available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and designs, such that they can hold anything from a couple of small items to multiple fishing rods or snowboards.

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Can A Bike Rack Cause Damage To Your Car?

If you are an aspiring cyclist and have chosen to mount a motorcycle rack on the top of your car, one of the concerns you are likely to be worried about is whether the rack would damage your vehicle or your bike.

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Roof Cargo Basket Buying Guide – Which one is better?

Since comfort is paramount when it comes to spending quality time with your loved ones, not having enough room to carry everyone’s baggage might call for a reliable additional storage solution.

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The Greatest Thule Internal Rooftop Box Light: A Smart Solution for Packing in the Dark

Have you considered that at some point you might end up in a situation where you would need to access the storage box at night-time?

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Roof Cargo Box or Roof Cargo Bag – Which one is better?

If you already narrowed it down to choosing between a cargo box or a cargo bag, there are still some aspects that may hinder your decision-making process

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Will A Roof Box Invalidate Your Insurance? What to Look For and Why.

In the insurance provider's case, any form of alteration to your car requires a hitch or rooftop carrier. In other words, the insurance provider should be alerted if you make some changes to your vehicle.

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Is It Possible To Use A Roof Box On A Hired Car? What You Ought To Verify First

If you are here, it seems you're hiring a car for an imminent holiday or road trip, and you need additional storage space

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Will You Need A Special Driving License While The Roof Box Is Mounted?

It is common for anyone to inquire if they need a special license for operating a vehicle with a carrier on top of all these choices. The response is "no" in most situations.

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Roof Box on a Ferry - What You Ought To Verify First

You might wonder if there are additional costs to take a roof box on a Ferry, but the starting point for this query is the fact that you may find various types of ferries, depending on the destination.

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