How Long To Mount a Roof Box? Tools/Materials that you will need!

How Long To Mount a Roof Box? Tools/Materials that you will need!

If you are wondering how soon can you start your next journey after you have purchased a new roof box to resolve the storage space issue that has been bothering you for some time, you have to take into account that the time needed for a proper installation depends on the type of roof box and whether the manufacturer specifies that you need a roof rack to properly mount it.

If the roof box you purchased requires a roof rack in order to be properly installed and your vehicle did not come with a factory-installed roof rack, the mounting process will certainly take a little longer than usual, because you need to figure out what type of roof rack is best for your situation, then buy one and install it before you move forward to mounting the roof box.

The short answer regarding how long it takes to mount a roof box is based on how the attachment system of your carrier.  A rooftop carrier can be connected to your vehicle in one of two ways:

If you notice that it has straps that you can fit over the carrier and through the vehicle doors to fasten it, then the rooftop carrier is attached to the car itself and you do not need a roof rack.

If the roof box does not have straps, then you need to attach it to the roof rack of your car. If you do not own a roof rack, you can buy side racks or cross racks, also known as crossbars, from the manufacturer.

In both cases, the roof box usually comes with detailed instructions, so that you can mount the roof box properly, following a step-by-step procedure recommended by the manufacturer.

When it comes to the mounting process, most roof boxes are equipped with all the items you need during the installation, so you can have them fit and ready to carry your belongings in less than an hour. Sometimes, the mounting process only lasts for as little as 30 minutes.

Do I Need Tools to Install a Rooftop Carrier?

Usually, the manufacturer also provides the straps, buckles and other elements that you might need to successfully install rooftop carriers to your car, so they do not require special gear or specific tools to carry out the task.

This is good news for the users with little to no mechanical skills because the installation process is accompanied by clear instructions and user manuals that offer you support to get the job done quickly and with not much effort.

There are situations when you buy a rooftop carrier and realise that it does require additional tools, but even in this case, you won’t have to purchase them, as they are tools one usually has around the house anyway.

Another positive aspect regarding the mounting process is that even if you have never installed a roof box before, you might not even need the user manual, since the manufacturer design the mounting systems so that it can be operated using common sense and nothing else. Of course, it is best to pay attention to the clear instructions provided by the manufacturer in the user manual, but in most cases, you can probably do without it.

Tips to Make the Mounting Process Easier

If you want to install your carrier perfectly, you should follow these basic tips that will make your job easier and ensure successful mounting every time:

Clean the top of your vehicle and make sure it is dry before beginning the installation of your carrier. Better yet, if you want to make sure that it will not move around while you drive, you can even place a non-slip mat on the roof before mounting the carrier.

Do not place the front end of the carrier too close to the limit of your windshield. For safety reasons, you should leave a space of roughly 8 inches between the front of the windshield and the front end of the carrier.

Place the straps carefully in order to correctly secure the carrier to the roof and concentrate on the directions. Make sure that the straps do not slant too far to one side, because if this happens, your roof box might shift in that direction while you are on the road.

Do not overload your carrier. Pay attention to the maximum weight specified by the manufacturer and try to not go past it. If the specifications of the roof box you bought mention a maximum weight of 80 lbs., for example, you should not load more weight than specified. Even one pound over the maximum capacity could result in damage to the roof box, your vehicle or even expose you to dangerous situations in traffic.

When mounting a carrier bag, try to avoid any creases in the fabric when tying it down with the straps. This will help you avoid flapping noises and will protect the fabric against potential damage.

Keep in mind that even if you feel tempted to use additional straps or buckles that were not included in the manufacturer’s package, you should only make use of tools and elements that were specifically made to be used with that particular roof box model. Always try to follow the instructions to the T.

The Takeaway

Given that we live in a fast society that values instant solutions, it is only natural to ask yourself how long it takes to fit a roof box. Knowing that installing a carrier to your vehicle’s roof can take from 10 minutes to one hour, you can have a better understanding of how much time you should reserve for preparations before your next vacation.

Spending up to one hour of your time on such a task can sound a bit daunting, but given the fact that the roof box provides the much-needed storage space for carrying tons of luggage and equipment, it is surely worth the trouble. And when you carefully follow the instruction guide, there is not much to it.

Other Questions

Can a roof box overhang?

Yes, your roof box can over hang a little. You do not want too much overhanging as the roof box may impede opening the trunk.

Do roof boxes make a noise?

Yes, most people who have a roof box think it makes a noise. This is caused at high speeds when the wind goes through the gaps left between the car and the roof box.

How do I stop my roof box from whistling?

To fix this, install a wind deflector, commonly called a wind fairing. These are an easy to install plastic shield. This will deflect wind away from the roof rack.


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