How to Pick A Car Roof Top Box - What You Ought To Verify First

So, you are looking for the Best Cargo Box for your car. You are at the right place buddy. You have already got the best cargo box list above. But, wait a minute, have you think about your requirements. A cargo box basically increases the capacity of your car.

Suppose you have a need for a large cargo box and you have bought a small one, it would be a waste for you or it will be of no use. So, it is very essential for you to first calculate your requirements. Below, we have included the impressive buying guide for Best Cargo Box.

With this segment, you will get a better idea of what you should buy and which features you should look for while buying the Best Cargo Box for your car.

Know your Requirements

The first and the foremost thing you should have to look into how much stuff you will carry in your cargo box. Calculating the requirement is the most important concern while buying the Best Cargo Box for your car. If you are traveling and in case your goods get more than the capacity of your car, then it would be a bit difficult for you to carry the valuables.

So, it is suggested that you should keep a cargo box in your car. But, while buying the best cargo box for your car, you must know the size of the gear you will be carrying in your cargo box. This will help you out in determining the size of the cargo box. Also, make sure to consider your future need like carrying goods after expanding the family.

Don’t get trapped in the current requirement because the requirement can increase anytime. As per my suggestions, I won’t recommend you to go for a smaller one because although it seems that it is more than enough for you in the current scenario, but who known about the increment in requirement.

If your requirement gets increased, then a small cargo box would be a waste for you. So, I would suggest that if you are investing some bucks in a roof box or cargo box, then go for the larger one because they are a one-time investment and will help you out in any situation.

How much big cargo box should I buy?

The size of the cargo box you thinking to buy also depends upon the size of your car. An extra-large cargo box on a small car will look filthy. It will look like a man’s hat on a kid’s head. Also, if you have a big car and you have bought a small cargo box, it will look like a kid’s hat on men’s head.

So, it is quite essential to consider the size of your car while buying the Best Cargo Box. The proportionate size of the box with your car will give it an elegant look. Also, the size of the cargo box depends upon the roof rack of your car. Look, the cargo boxes are always fitted in the roof bars.

Do consider the Hatch Clearance

Yes, this is also an important factor to look into. If you have a rear door, then you must notice that it should not touch the cargo box, or else it would damage the rear door. It will not only prevent the rear door to open completely but also induce some scratches in your car which you definitely don’t want. So, it is suggested that you must know the measurement of the hatch of your car so that you can buy the appropriate box which will fir your car without bothering.

Measurement factors that you should consider

The length, width, and height of the cargo boxes also hold an important aspect. But the dimensions of a cargo box will entirely depend upon what you will carry. Suppose if you will carry snowboards or golf sticks, then you must go for a long cargo box.

If you want to carry luggage or other heavy kinds of stuff, then you must buy larger cargo boxes with a bit of height so that the luggage can be adjusted. Also, the larger luggage provides you with dual side openings which give you a bit of convenience in usage. We will discuss these openings features a bit later in the below segments.

Types of Cargo Boxes

Basically, you can divide the cargo boxes into two categories. One is soft and the other is hard.

  • Soft Cargo Boxes: Soft cargo boxes are way too similar to the large duffle bags. They come with straps that will fit your vehicle. The advantages of buying these soft cargo boxes are as follows:
    • The soft cargo boxes will cost you lesser as compared to the hard cargo boxes.
    • They weigh less than the hard cargo boxes. This is the best thing if you have a smaller vehicle.
    • They are made of thin plastics like PVC or other vinyl alternatives.

But, like every product, these soft cargo boxes have some disadvantages too. Below, I have mentioned some of the disadvantages of the soft cargo boxes.

  • First of all, they don’t provide you better protection.
  • If you need to keep your valuables overnight, then you should refrain from buying these.
  • Also, these are less secure and the goods are more prone to be stolen if they don’t have a lock system.
  • Hard Cargo Boxes: If you are looking for the best cargo boxes, then as per my suggestions, you should go for these ones. They provide you will better safety features. They usually come with a lock. With these safety boxes, you could be assured that your valuable items are safe. Also, they provide you with waterproof features that you won’t get in the soft boxes. They are tough and difficult to penetrate or break. So, it is very hard to break and steal from these boxes. However, it would be a bit challenging for you to mount or dismount these boxes because these are heavy.

Features you should look for

Locking system

Indeed, I think, this is one of the most important features that you should look into your cargo box while buying. The locking system makes you worry-free or stress-free about any kind of loss to your products or valuables. The locking features provide you with better security and assurance that your valuables won’t be stolen. And, a better and heavy cargo box will definitely provide you with this feature.

Single or dual openings

Being able to access your gears from both sides of the car is the most convenient thing. Suppose if your cargo box has single openings and you are getting out of your car from the other side, then you will have to move to the opening of your cargo box into another side. This sometimes will annoy you. So, I would suggest you go for dual side opening cargo boxes because they are convenient to use and can save your time too.

Size of the Cargo Box

As I have mentioned earlier, the size of the cargo box will entirely depend upon your usage. If you used to carry more things, then you should go for a bigger cargo box. And, if you often use the cargo box, and carry few valuables, then you can compromise with the smaller ones. But, as per my suggestions, you should go for the bigger ones because it would be a long term investment for you. It won’t matter to you if your need increases after some time. You will easily be able to carry the valuables you want if you have a larger cargo box.

Capacity of the Cargo box

 Here, the size of the cargo box and the capacity are way similar things but there is a slight difference in them. You will sometime find that the outer dimension of the cargo boxes is the same but the inner capacity is a bit different. This happens due to the build quality of the cargo boxes and the materials used in making the walls of the cargo boxes. The capacity of the cargo boxes ranges from 250 litres for the smaller one to 600 litres to the larger one. You can choose the best cargo box for yourself according to your needs.

Opening Options

The cargo boxes are available to open from the rear, from one side, and from both sides. I would suggest you go for a cargo box which can be opened from either side. It is convenient and easy to access. The rear opening cargo box is also good.

Mounting Hardware

The ease to use of the cargo boxes will depend upon this factor. You won’t be annoyed if the mounting of the cargo boxes is easy to do. You will install it and remove it anytime you want. But if the mounting hardware combinations of the cargo box are tough, then it would be a bit lengthy and annoying for you to install it on the rooftop of your car and remove it.

If the mounting would be tough, you will end up removing the cargo box due to the annoyance. But, if the mounting procedure of the cargo box is easy, then it will increase the usage of the cargo boxes and you also won’t be annoyed about installing and removing it again and again.

The finish of the cargo boxes

The finish or the look of the cargo boxes depends entirely upon user choice. Some of the cargo boxes come with a shiny, sleek finish which some of them have a matte, textured finish. The choice of these types is based upon the user’s choice.

Much more than the looks

Although it is one of the most advanced features, but still I think of mentioning it. The cargo boxes must be silent on the road while travelling. Most of the roof boxes produce whistling sound while on the road. But, the premium one will not produce this noise and will give you an annoyance free travel.

The Durability of the cargo box

Also, the cargo box in which you are investing must be durable so that you can get benefit from every penny you spent. The more you spent on the roof box, the better you will get. The durability of the cargo box depends upon the material used in making that. The quality cargo boxes are made of hard materials which makes it fragile and long-lasting.

The reason behind the cheaper cargo boxes which doesn’t cost you much is that they are made of poor quality materials. Thin plastics are used in making those boxes.

 Also, the durability of the cargo boxes depends upon the usage. And, the waterproofing extends the durability of the cargo boxes as it protects not only the valuables but also the roof box itself. The robust plastic used in making the cargo boxes will make it durable and will be with you for a longer period. Don’t forget to get a cover of the cargo boxes so that you can protect your cargo boxes from outside dirt when you are not using it. This will also protect your box and provide it with more durability.

Brand Name

Does the brand name in buying the Best Cargo Boxes play any role? According to me, the answer to this question is yes. Let’s take an example. If you are going to the market or shopping online for a mobile phone, Will you buy a non-branded Smartphone? No! You won’t. The same thing applies to other products too.

It is a simple logic that if you are spending your hard-earned money on something, then you will surely go for the Best one. So, as per me, I would suggest you go for a branded one because you will not only get a better warranty but also better after-sale services. Some of the brands even give you a lifetime warranty, parts support, and excellent customer support. Also, the parts of the branded one will be easily available as compared to the non branded ones.

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